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GSK Undergraduate Industrial Placement Job Title: ViiV Healthcare Global Medical Affairs Industrial Placement

Reference Number: 6014f

Salary: Competitive

Degree Requirements: Must be studying an undergraduate degree in any Life Sciences.  

You will have completed a minimum of 2 years of your undergraduate degree but will not have graduated at the start of your placement. You will be expected to provide evidence from your university to show you will be an undergraduate student for the duration of the placement year.

Location: GSK House – Brentford  

Duration: 1 year (approximately)

Detailed Description of the role:

About us: ViiV Healthcare is a specialist company established by GlaxoSmithKline and Pfizer in 2009, with the addition of Shionogi in 2012 after working together on the development of several drugs. We are focused solely on the research, development and commercialisation of medicines to treat HIV. Our aim is to take a deeper and broader interest in HIV/AIDS than any company has done before and take a unique approach to deliver new and effective HIV medicines as well as supporting communities affected by HIV. For more information on the company, its management, portfolio, pipeline and commitment, please visit 

About the role: The ViiV Healthcare Global Medical Sciences Industrial Placement will enable the placement student to work in the global medical teams fast-paced and dynamic environment, who are responsible for a wide range of activities. This includes industry experience & medical expertise in the field of HIV, research methodology and critical thinking, teamwork and cross-functional working and experience with medical support for commercial deliverables.

The IP will gain a range of flexibility in the projects they choose to work on based on their own personal development objectives and interests.  This involves two key products for some wider context, the role of these teams is to:

Scientific Expertise: 
o Interpret and demonstrate the results of late stage clinical trials and real-world data sets
o Provides medical support for regulatory approval of a new drug.
o Support drug safety teams in pharmacovigilance activities
o Provides medical expertise and guidance to commercial teams
Strategic vision:
o Feeds into the research and development strategy by monitoring competitor activity and seeking advice from Health Care Professionals on clinical practice.
o Develops franchise strategy and goals as part of a global brand team 
In addition to the student working within this unique operating model, they will gain the opportunity to coach within their team (GML), receive mentoring within the commercial side, the chance to network with industry professionals, be part of the medicine development team with a broad exposure to pharmaceutical drug development and be provided with stretch objectives based on their interests and skills. 

Key Responsibilities: 

Expand your scientific knowledge base
Supporting the medical team to produce new materials used to train medical staff, conduct product related literature searches and more.
Example: A comprehensive literature review on the effects of Anti-retrovirals on bone health, make suggestions on how best to present the data in a training slide deck. 
Example: Literature review to update the epidemiology section of a product’s Risk Management Plan for upcoming renewal.
Example: Work as part of a team to produce a data gaps analysis plan to inform research strategy for clinical trials, gain experience in research methodology.
Example: Conduct a review of how injection site reactions are reported in early stage clinical trials and in package inserts of new products, to inform the medical team prior to the launch of a new injectable product.

Cross-Functional Exposure
Work with the medical, commercial and finance teams to plan for the launch of new products.  
Example: Assist commercial teams in the development of medically accurate promotional material for the use of sales representatives after a product launch
Example: With guidance from finance, produce a plan for the medical teams budget for the following year. 
Example: Analysing and summarising responses from HCPs on their perceptions of a new product and which patient’s populations they intend to treat it with to inform non medically trained staff.

Develop valuable Project Management Skills
Gain valuable transferable skills through experience and exposure.
Example: Work with other IP students and medical leads to produce a biweekly CSMO news letter to report hot topics in R&D, data presentations from conferences and product launches. 
Example: Briefing creative agencies on specific projects, for example an animated video describing the effects of anti-retroviral to bone health, manage their execution timelines and budget. 
Example: Facilitate a meeting with global regional medical leads to develop next year’s strategy and a plan of when new medical training materials will be produced.

Preferred Skills:

Good confidence
Ability to work independently as well as in a team
Excellent communication
Good project management skills
Additional Details: The Assessment Centre for successful applicants is expected to take place in February 2021.

Closing date for applications: Thursday 31st December 2020

We recruit on an on-going basis and prioritise applications based on the application date.  

Applications will close when we have filled our assessment centre dates.

If you have what we’re looking for apply today!

This opportunity has the following recruitment stages you must successfully pass to be offered a placement year with GSK for 2021!
1. Eligibility Form
2. Online Assessment
3. Application Form
4. Assessment Centre