GSK Industrial Placement Application Process

What is an Industrial Placement at GSK?
Our Industrial Placement opportunities at GSK are exclusively for undergraduate university students 
who are taking a year out of their degree course to complete a work placement year in industry, and 
then returning to university for their final year before graduation.
Please ensure that you meet all the eligibility requirements before you apply.

How do I apply?
Register on the website to create an online account. You can then start an online application by 
clicking the ‘Apply’ button. Once you have created an account, you can log into your Dashboard to 
see what application(s) you have in progress.
You will need to ensure that you remember your login details –
the email address you used to register
your password
your PIN
security question and answer

Please note that these are case sensitive
We strongly advise that you keep these login details somewhere safe so you can log back in to your account.

What’s my Dashboard?
This is the online account you have created to apply for placement opportunities with us.
Please use the same account when you apply for opportunities. There is no need for you to register 
The Dashboard shows all the applications you are working on. Once you have successfully submitted 
your application, the Recruitment Team will provide regular updates on your application.

I can’t access the application form. How do I get back into my account?
Please log into your Dashboard to access your account and any applications you have started.
To access your account dashboard, please click here.

I can’t remember how to log into my account. What do I do?
Click on ‘Forgotten Security Details’ and the reset password will be sent to your email. The 
password request will expire in 2 hours.

Can I apply for more than one placement?
Yes, you can apply for more than one placement with us. You should complete the online assessment stage prior to submitting another application. (Unless the closing date is approaching). You cannot apply for additional opportunities until you have passed the online assessment stage of the process.

What requirements do I need to apply for an Industrial Placement at GSK?
To apply for an Industrial Placement with us:
You must have the legal Right to Work in the UK for duration of the placement (from 2019 to 2020)
You must be an undergraduate student, who has completed a minimum of 2 years of a relevant degree, and who will be returning to university after the placement to complete your degree
You must meet the degree requirements for the placement you are interested in applying for (this will be stated in the job description on the website).
You must have permission from your University to complete an Industrial Placement (especially if it 
is not part of your degree course).
You will be required to provide evidence of your student status and right to work status.

When is the deadline for applications?
The closing date for applications will be stated on the job description page. The deadline will be 
midnight on that date, unless stated otherwise on the job description. Any applications submitted after the deadline will not be processed. We look at applications based on date submitted, so we would encourage you to apply early and leave time to complete the online assessment stage.

What are the stages in the recruitment process?
Our process has the following stages, and you must past benchmarks to be progressed to the next stage. You can always refer to your dashboard to see what stage is next
1. Eligibility form
2. Online assessment
3. Application form – looking at your motivation for GSK and your chosen programme
4. Video interview *
5. Assessment Centre 
*Video interview stage is only for certain programmes.
I need support to help me in the process, who do I contact?
We want to ensure that our application process is fair and consistent for everyone. If you need 
support to help you do your best at any stage of the recruitment process, please contact the 
Recruitment Team on 01582 692870 or  

What if there is no closing date for applications?
There is a clear closing date on all job descriptions and you must ensure that you submit your application before the stated closing date. You should apply as early as possible and 
complete each stage of the recruitment process promptly. We progress applications according to the 
date submitted, so the sooner you apply the sooner your application can progress.

Why do you use online applications? Why can’t I just email you my CV?
Large organisations (like GSK) who receive thousands of applications use online application forms. 
An online application form allows for a standardised process that is fair and consistent to all who 
apply. By using these forms organisations get responses to the questions they want answered.

How long is the placement and when will it start?
These opportunities are for a period of approximately 1 year and will start in summer of 2019. Start 
dates usually fall between June and September, depending on the role.

Will I be notified if my application is unsuccessful?
The recruitment team will contact you regularly to update you on the status of your application 
during each stage of the process. If you have any queries about your application, please contact 
the Recruitment Team in the first instance.  

What if my University is not on the list?
On the application form, you have the option to choose ‘Other UK University’ if you attend a UK 
university not on the list, or if you attend an international university the option of ‘Non-UK 
University’ from the drop down list of Universities. In the next question, the form will ask you to 
then provide name – then you can type in your University name.

What does it mean when my ‘application is under review’?
This means that your application is being looked at by the recruitment team and the hiring managers for the role, with a view to progress through to the next stage in the process. In some instances, this can take some time, as we often have a high volume of applications to read! The Recruitment Team will notify you as soon as a decision has been made.

We will always update you on the status of your application no matter what the outcome is. If you 
have not been successful for a particular application, we will still update you and provide 
feedback where possible. Should you have any queries, please contact the Recruitment Team.


What is my ‘eligibility to work in the UK’ and why is it important?
This is evidence of your legal Right to Work in the UK. For example a UK passport, EU passport or 
your Student Visa (if you are unsure about this, please speak to your university). We do not offer 
sponsorship of visas.

I am an International Student, can I still apply?
Yes – as long as you have the legal Right to Work in the UK for the duration of the placement, 
prior to submitting an application. If you are on a student visa, please check with your university 
if it is suitable for a year long work placement.

Can I apply with a Tier 2 Visa? Do you offer sponsorship?
Unfortunately, we do not offer sponsorship of visas.

I am in my first year at university and I would like to apply for an Industrial Placement at GSK. 
Am I eligible?
First year students are not eligible to apply for Industrial Placements with us, you must be in 
your second or third year (but not your final year), as applicants are required to have completed 
at least 2 years of their degree in order to have the necessary skills/knowledge needed for the job 

A placement year is not part of my degree. Can I still apply?
Please speak to your university about this. Your university will let you know if you can apply.

I’m in my final year. Can I apply?
You must be an undergraduate student, who will be returning to university after the placement to 
complete your degree before graduating.  If you are a final year student who will have graduated by the start of the placement, you would not be eligible for an Industrial Placement opportunity with us.

I did not do GCSEs or A Levels in the UK. What do I put in the application form?
In the online application, for GCSEs you have the option to choose the text box that says “If 
other, please specify:” In this text box, please type your GCSE equivalent qualification.
For A Levels, you have the option from the drop down list to pick, “Other – please state” then in 
the text box below, type your A Level equivalent qualification.
To find out what is your equivalent qualification for GCSE or A Level, please speak to your 

I am unable to commit to a 1 year placement. Can I still apply?
All our Industrial Placements are for a period of one year, you would need to be available from 
summer 2019 to 2020 to complete the placement. Should you be unable to commit to a one year 
placement for whatever reason, we advise visiting the main GSK website to see what other exciting 
opportunities you can apply for. You might want to consider a summer internship, for example.

Online Assessments
What is the online assessment stage?
You will be asked to complete the World of GSK online assessment as part of the application process. In this you will be asked a serious of questions relating to different realistic GSK scenarios, you will also hear about experiences from current employees, these sections will not be assessed. 

How long will the World of GSK online assessment take complete?
The test may take you approximately 1 hour to complete in a single sitting.
Don’t worry if it takes you less or more time to complete your test – it is untimed, you are able 
to pause and come back to the test and therefore you can take as much time as you need, as long as 
you complete it within the given timeframe.

I completed the Online Assessment, however it is not showing on my Dashboard?
The online testing website is separate to your Dashboard. Once you have completed an online test, 
you will be notified within a day. Please contact the Recruitment Team if you do not receive an email update and over 24 hours has since you completed the World of GSK Assessment.

What if I do not pass the online assessment stage?
We have a consistent benchmark across all our roles at GSK and if this is not met, unfortunately, 
it means we cannot consider you for an Industrial Placement role for the rest of this cycle. 
However, if you are interested in GSK please do not let this discourage you from applying next 
year. (You can still apply to other roles at GSK that are not 12 month Industrial Placement 

Will I get feedback after my test?
Yes, you will have a feedback report sent to you 24 hours after you complete your test which will 
outline where you did well, and some areas for improvement. You will receive this regardless of the 
outcome of your test.

Do I have to complete the online assessment?
Yes – all applicants must complete the online assessment. You will only need to complete it once 
for this year’s programme. You will not have to complete it for every individual application.
I missed the deadline for the Online Assessment. What will happen to my application?
You must complete the online test and pass, to submit an application before the stated closing date. If you do not complete each stage of the process in a timely manner, your application will not move forward. 

Is there any advice you can give me about the online assessment?
The online assessment will apply to all the applications you submit to us this year, so please read 
all the information provided to you beforehand:
Take the test in a quiet place you will not be disturbed
You must complete the test on a PC or laptop. The test cannot be completed on mobile devices
Make sure you have a good internet connection
You can pause the test and return to it
Please answer each question honestly as we are interested in your personal preferences.
Have a notepad and pen with you if you want to. 
Other questions
How will you contact me?
We will email you using the email address you have stated in your online application form. Please 
make sure that your contact details on your application are correct, before you submit your 
application. The recruitment team will also contact you by phone on occasion. It is important that 
you double-check that the details you have given, as you don’t want to miss important updates about your application.

What if I change my phone number? Or my email?
Please contact the Recruitment Team so we can update your contact details on our records.

How do I apply for a Summer Internship at GSK?
All our roles on this website are Industrial Placement (12 months) opportunities. If you are 
interested in a Summer Internship, please visit the main GSK website to find out more and to 
contact the relevant Recruitment Team.

Can I apply for a graduate role with GSK?
All our roles on this website are year long undergraduate Industrial Placement opportunities. If you are interested in a Graduate Role, please visit the main GSK website to find out more and to contact 
the relevant Recruitment Team.

Do you have any information about the Pre-Registration Pharmacy Training Programme at GSK?
Please visit the main GSK website to find out about the GSK Pre-Registration Pharmacy Programme. 
Applications usually are open annually from June through August for placements commencing in the 
following year. The interview process will be conducted and outcomes communicated during September of each year. Find out more 

I am interested in Apprenticeships at GSK. Do you know how I can find out how to apply?
All our roles on this website are year long undergraduate Industrial Placement opportunities. If you are interested in the GSK Apprenticeship Programme, please visit the main GSK website to find out more and to contact the relevant Recruitment Team.

I would like to suggest improvements you could make to the application process. How can I do this?
We are always interested in hearing feedback from you and we are continuously seeking to improve 
your experience, so if you have any suggestions or anything you would like to pass on to the 
Recruitment Team please email

I have a question not answered here. What do I do?
Please contact the Recruitment Team on 01582 692870 or and we will be happy to answer any of your questions.

What advice can you give me about my application?
Check spelling and grammar – Remember good written skills are important when applying for a job
Type up your motivation answers in a word document then paste into the application
Do your research – what inspired you to apply to GSK? And what made you apply to the programme you have selected
Express yourself clearly and concisely. Show how your interests and experience are relevant to the role and why they make you our ideal candidate
Put your most recent degree and work experience first. Give examples of how your experience/skills/interests are relevant. Include extracurricular and voluntary activities
Speak to your university about advice they can give you on what makes a good application. You can also approach other sources for information and advice
Read the questions carefully. Look at what we are asking you. Ensure that all information you provide is accurate