R&D Process Development Scientist Industrial Placement

Job Title:  R&D Process Development Scientist Industrial Placement

Reference Number: 1034 

Salary: Competitive

Degree Requirements:
Must be on track for a 2.1 (or above)
You will have completed a minimum of 2 years of a life sciences or biochemical engineering focused undergraduate degree, but will not have graduated at the start of your placement. 

Location: Stevenage  

Detailed description:

As part of the rapidly expanding viral vector Cell and Gene Therapy process development organisation, you will be working across the Upstream and Downstream processing groups. The work will include cell culture, purification of viral particles and analysis of samples using a wide variety of methods as well as exposure to chemistry and manufacturing control (CMC) strategies. The responsibilities of the position would include, but not limited to:

Maintenance of suspension and adherent cell stocks under appropriate aseptic conditions including transient transfection and viral transduction. This work will include supporting process development of viral vectors in shake-flasks and bioreactor platforms as well as product purification using chromatography systems. 
Generation of buffers, media and supplements and their (subsequent) performance qualification prior to release for use to support robust and reproducible processes.
Preparation and use of downstream processing equipment for filtration and chromatography (ultrafiltration) at both laboratory and process scale.
Use of a wide variety of analytical methods (e.g. ELISA, FACS, qRT-PCR, protein and DNA concentration assays) to generate data to support process development activities.
Use state-of-the-art techniques and technology, such as automation and analysis packages to improve processes and develop new ways of working.
Use of a variety of data analysis packages to analyse and interpret data, and communicate across the teams.
There will be the opportunity to be exposed to and trained in a variety of disciplines and techniques by subject experts and you will be supported at all times by a manager.

We are looking for well-organised, innovative students who are passionate about Cell and Gene Therapy and process development. The communication skills to build strong relationships quickly and the ability to think flexibly are also important.

Closing date for applications: Sunday 30th October 2016

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We recruit on an on-going basis and prioritise applications based on the application date.  

We will close for applications when we have filled our assessment centre dates.